Matt J Hanham - How to Survive as an Entrepreneur

How to Survive as an Entrepreneur

How to Survive as an Entrepreneur

Marciel Audesho is a personal coach who has seen it all. For 12 years, she’s coached entrepreneurs through the hardest times in their lives. Hear her story, and find out what the real experience is like, and what it takes to survive as an entrepreneur.

What does it take to be an entrepreneur? In short: resilience, discipline, and the ability to take on more risk than you ever imagined, while becoming responsible for more and more people and staying level-headed through it all.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

To make matters worse, not much of the ‘real’ entrepreneur experience is really ever spoken talked about beyond the general stuff.

Everyone knows what it’s supposed to be like. Cocktails on the beach, and doing something you love, right? Well, while I think people know that’s not the whole story, I also think many of them don’t know what the whole story is.

This week, I spoke with the amazing Marciel Audesho, a personal coach who’s seen it all. Listen in to find out what entrepreneurs really struggle with, and how to overcome it.

Who is Marciel Audesho?

Marciel is a business coach/integrator known for her ability to engage, inspire and influence people. She has more than 12 years of experience helping some of Australia’s most renowned businesses crush it with customer experience, and she has a passion for empowering people to engage and create positive change.

In other words, she’s a guru for Australian entrepreneurs.

Finding Your Why

One of the fundamental things an entrepreneur needs to survive is a reason to work hard. Actually, harder than they ever thought possible. You’ve probably heard somewhere about the importance of finding your why. But what you may not know is how few entrepreneurs have actually found it.

Lack of purpose was one of the most common problems Marciel recognised when she started coaching people.

“The gap I identified was that people weren’t congruent with why they were doing what they were doing.”

Marciel found that gap in corporate employees – but she found it just as often in entrepreneurs. And entrepreneurs need purpose more than anyone else.

“To be a true entrepreneur, it’s about stepping into a place where you have emotional intelligence, and you’re nimble enough to take risk and succeed through tough times.”

“Getting that alignment really allows people to say ‘when I hit the shit times and the lows, at least I know there’s a grander purpose behind what I’m doing.’”
– Marciel Audesho

So if you think you’ve found your ‘why’, it might be wise to double-check. And if you haven’t found your ‘why’, you’re not alone – even if you are already doing something you believe in.

Adapting to the Entrepreneur Lifestyle

As we move into an age where many people don’t want to work in corporations any more, it’s interesting to see the disconnect between “wanting to be an entrepreneur” and being willing to take on the sort of risk that comes with it.

“There are so many many people in the corporate space that think the grass is greener – but they’re not willing to grow into the space that allows them to take risks and make changes in their lives.”
– Matt J Hanham

The truth is, becoming an entrepreneur requires massive adaptation. If you quit your day job, the safety net goes away, and it’s replaced with a mountain of risk and responsibility that never stops growing.

Fortunately, you can build up a tolerance to it over time.

“You can build up that resilience over time, and get used to dealing with more and more risk, and taking on more and more responsibility for more and more people.”
– Matt J Hanham

Another method is to enter the world of entrepreneurship one foot at a time.

“The first thing I would recommend for anyone who wants to start a business, is to start it as a side hustle. Don’t go out and quit your day job immediately – you may collapse.”
– Marciel Audesho

But entrepreneurs should remember – you won’t find happiness simply by becoming your own boss.

“The reality is, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a corporate workplace or a cafe or down at the shops – if you’re not happy within yourself, it doesn’t matter what you do – you will take yourself with you. Work on yourself. Find what lights you up. Do some volunteer work. Work out some opportunities and try to get yourself into a happier space, and see if that satisfies you.”
Marciel Audesho

And finally, there is some more good news for today’s entrepreneurs: there are way more resources available now than ever before.

“There’s so much more available now. Education, coaching, Social Media groups – certainly for me, entrepreneurship was isolating early on. But there’s so much more access to other people now.”
Matt J Hanham

To make a long story short: In order to survive as an entrepreneur in today’s landscape, it’s going to take absolutely everything you’ve got plus all the resources, mentors, and self-awareness you can muster.

Good luck, and I hope this chat with Marciel Audesho helped you!

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