Matt J Hanham - Jumping Fences with Karolyn Zinetti

Jumping Fences with Karolyn Zinetti

Jumping Fences with Karolyn Zinetti

Matt speaks with Karolyn Zinetti about taking risks and living life on your own terms.

From jumping fences to attend parties with Richard Branson to studying natural medicine before it was cool, Karolyn Zinetti is the Founder of The Limitless Abundance Movement and Leader of the High Vibe Tribe. She’s lived her life on her own terms and this week on Amplify Your Business, she speaks to Matt about how to forge your own path and take the risks you need to get what you want. 


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Naturopathy and being a Flight Attendant

Before she became the wonder woman she currently is, Karolyn used to work as a flight attendant for Emirates, being a lover of travel and wanting to see as many different countries as possible. 

Amongst the many, many crazy stories that Karolyn can tell, it’s arguably her choice to go into Naturopathy that remains the most interesting. Karolyn mentioned she started her naturopathy journey well before anybody thought it was a “cool” profession to have. 

“I honestly got into it out of curiosity more than anything. I kept wondering how, on a cellular level, that we got sick and how the body worked and moved as one thing and how everything was connected.” – Karolyn

Similarly, Karolyn found herself being able to more readily deal with her own personal journey at a higher level, her pick up of daily habits and engaging with the needs of her journey by using rest, herbs and exercise as a natural method for physical wellness. 

While naturopathy was great for her, Karolyn had “itchy feet” and wanted to travel beyond where she’d already gone and managed to apply successfully for an air hostess position with Emirates in what Karolyn referred as ‘the greatest time of my life’ having been able to learn how to lead a team while experiencing dozens of countries in the process, all the while getting paid to do it!

During that air hostess time, Karolyn was given a copy of the book Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen and it was there that Karolyn realised she had to make a change to realise her purpose. 

As a result, she quit her Emirates job and moved back to Perth, applying for jobs by the dozen and getting rejected at every turn until she managed to land a “dream job” as a rep for a pharmaceutical company and eventually as a state sales manager. 

“I realised then that I wasn’t really happy because, despite the perks and the money, I was selling my soul for a corporation and that wasn’t fulfilling at all.” – Karolyn. 

As a result, Karolyn quit that job too (we’re seeing a pattern here) and moved on to starting her own business in Personal Development and going on a journey that she’s still on now. 


Self Care

“I always use the analogy as a flight attendant to ‘put on your own oxygen mask before you help others because you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.” – Karolyn

As someone with a degree in Naturopathy and a business in personal development, Karolyn is, unsurprisingly, a big proponent of self-care and making sure to put yourself first as far as physical and mental health. 

For Karolyn, she uses meditation and journaling as her main techniques for keeping herself healthy and functional, as far as Karolyn is concerned the process of picking up healthy habits is massively important as each incremental change is cumulative towards a greater whole. 

“I struggled with a few problems earlier on in my twenties and I had to come up with ways to deal with that and find help. When I got better though I decided I needed to start a large number of businesses as a way to prove to myself that I could be strong. As a result, I had to develop habits and techniques to help me stay sane and stay focused and strong, otherwise, I knew that I was going to eventually explode without them.” – Matt


Take Risks and Move Forward

“The number one regret of the dying is that they didn’t do enough.” – Karolyn

As her history of jumping into a new job probably indicates, Karolyn is also a big fan of people taking risks and “just going for it”. 

We have to take risks if we want to be happy in our lives and careers and Karolyn encourages everyone to take charge of their time on this Earth and jump in with two feet into the venture they believe will make them happy. 

“You have to do what makes you happy and you have to be able to believe in what you’re doing, otherwise, what’s the point of doing any of it in the first place?” – Karolyn. 

Taking risks is part and parcel of being an entrepreneur and running a successful business and if Karolyn didn’t take the myriad of risks she has over her life and” gone for it”, then she definitely wouldn’t have been able to experience the wonders she has or do the work she currently does, a fact that she is keen to always express gratitude for. 

That’s it for this episode of the show! If you’d like to see more of what’s going on with Karolyn than you can check her out Linkedin or Instagram!

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See ya in the next episode!

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