Matt J Hanham - Leading Women with Sarah Blackah

Leading Women with Sarah Blackah

Leading Women with Sarah Blackah

Matt speaks with Sarah Blackah about her journey in the wellness industry and her jump to start her own business.

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Sarah Blackah is an international speaker and intuitive female leadership mentor who organises female leadership retreats and workshops around the world.  For Sarah, helping women achieve their joy states and not feel constricted by the quest for perfection is what she’s all about.


Being Allowed to Be Soft

A key component of Sarah Blackahs career has been speaking, helping and teaching women how to be the best version of themselves and how to approach their goals healthily. 

As far as she’s concerned, the nature of the corporate environment isn’t the ideal environment for women and how they operate in the workplace. 

“I just think it’s better to have women not burning themselves out trying to compete in a system that doesn’t work for them and match how they operate. There has to be a better way than the ‘hustle, burning bridges, eating dinner over the sink and getting depressed’ method of business.” – Sarah

Similarly, Sarah’s own view on feminism and masculinity follows along these lines, as he found in her own experiences that she was happier having been able to shed the need to be “hard” as a modern women in business and allow herself to be “soft” when interacting with her partner and other personal relationships. 

Much of Sarah’s work with women, in particular, comes from this angle as well. Allowing the women she works with to choose their own path and not feel shackled by the conflicting desires and roles of women that often seem contradictory for each other. 

“A lot of my work is about helping women that feel like they’re stuck or overwhelmed because they’re surrounded by the same people and the same environment and on their phones and in the retreats, they can finally really relax and actually breathe and figure out what they’re doing.” – Sarah 


The Structures In Magic

Both Matt and Sarah are massive advocates of the power of mindfulness and awareness and the results that it can bring to someone when they choose their own path and their own dream. 

As a specific example, Sarah had a client who found herself suffering from anxiety and stress from a job that she couldn’t deal with a result of feeling supremely unfulfilled in her vocation. 

During her time with Sarah, the client was essentially looking for “permission” to finally let go and actually pursue her dream full time and essentially needed a final push to help her take action. 

“In those early sessions with her, we focused on her dreams and goals and you’d be amazed at how freeing it is for some people to have their life goals reflected back at them and have someone say “this is what I see for you.” and they’re like “holy shit” and your like “permission granted, go for it.” that’s what it was for her.” – Sarah

That need to follow your dream is a central component to what Sarah strives for and believes in, being able to whip plenty of quotes from some pretty great people about how to follow your dreams and become fulfilled as a result. 


Sarah on Being Sarah

A lot of Sarah’s inspiration for starting her own business and working for herself came, like a lot of people, when she read the book The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Not that it was that simple. Making the decision to start of her own business came with its own difficulties as Sarah explained that she struggled tremendously with feelings of shame and inward pressures, delaying her own move a lot before she actually managed to pull the trigger. As it turns out, jumping headfirst into an industry or business and 

“I think a lot of what humans do can be either creation or destruction, and normally before we can create we have to destroy. I think a lot of what really hurt was spending three years building a business and helping people and then having to let that go hit pretty hard. I felt a lot of guilt and shame and thought I was letting people down and hurting them. Unravelling that was very messy for me internally because I struggled so hard with feelings of failure.” – Sarah

Because of that, Sarah learnt a lot about the power of communication and how she could have done things differently. Being aware of her own alignment and what she wants. 

As it turns out, those lessons and alignment lead her to begin her own women’s retreats, feeling that the emotions and conflicts she went through can be more universally applied and showing her client how much they can free themselves when they take a moment to step back and breathe before looking at things more objectively. 

“That time for these women can be huge because it lets them actually communicate and clear their heads and form communities that can help these women actually make the decisions they need to.” – Sarah. 

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