Matt J Hanham - The Connection Between Cold Showers and Business Success

The Connection Between Cold Showers and Business Success

The Connection Between Cold Showers and Business Success

Find out how Michael has built a business that has prospered over the last 10 years through building trust with clients and implementing energising morning routines.

Who is Michael Duncan?

Michael Duncan owns and runs a boutique digital agency called Meta Creative. The agency specialises in digital content, but for the last few years has focused on WordPress websites.

Meta Creative is a small business with a focus on repairing the horrible reputation web developers have with so many business owners. Often clients come to Michael who have been burned by bad experiences. Michael’s focus is to be transparent, and be truthful with everything he does. Building a relationship with clients is the key to building trust and keeping clients coming back for more.

Meta Creative is beginning to become a lot more active on social media and, through Instagram in particular, is generating leads and building a brand for Meta Creative to help his business expand.

Change in Plans and How to Start Networking

When Michael left his prior place of employment, he was feeling frustrated with his inability to be more flexible and unconventional with his style of work. While it’s arguably it’s not the best way to start a business venture – Michael decided to take the opportunity to get out and to set on his own path.

To put himself in the game Michael joined a BNI group to network with local business owners. Although the group hasn’t worked out long term for Michael, he was able to establish long-term clients through the membership. Eventually though, Michaels frustration with the groups lack of adaptability to the modern networking culture means Michael now looks to social media to network, and to generate leads for Meta Creative.

Turning Freelance Work Into a Business

It’s a big leap to go from freelance work to owning and operating a business. Often we feel “imposter syndrome” and compare our work to the work others are doing. Whether that work is better or not, imposter syndrome holds us back from pushing forward and gaining confidence.

Michael made the decision to turn his freelance work into a business. With a couple of regular clients, he was able to establish a business. Now, he couldn’t imagine working for anyone else again.

Michael suggests that if you want to turn your service into a business then you need to establish what you’re trying to achieve. Work out your business model, and sort out pricing for your service (and don’t underprice your work!)

Morning Rituals and Habits

As an owner, your success is entirely dependent on the work you put into your business. That pressure can be intimidating and tiring over time. To grow a business, you must be consistent and push for greater results.

Michael has a few morning rituals and habits he does that kick him into gear for the day.

Michael suggests:


  • Be consistent with what you’re doing every week
  • Handwritten lists
  • Make your bed every morning
  • Cold shower
  • Meditation


Implementing habits and rituals are a must to start with purpose. Work out what you want to achieve and then put measures in place to ensure you can perform at your best.

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