Matt J Hanham - The Mysterious Rewards of Personal Connection

The Mysterious Rewards of Personal Connection

The Mysterious Rewards of Personal Connection

Tyson E. Franklin is a podiatrist, entrepreneur, and established author. Tyson began his journey from nothing and has worked his way to the top of his field, eventually selling his first podiatry practice for the highest amount ever recorded for a sale of that kind in Australia. Learn how Tyson began his journey, evolved his business and how he crushed all his business goals (and competitors).

From Foot Doctor to Author, Podcast Host and Business Mentor

Podiatrist by day and…author, podcast host and business mentor…also by day. Tyson does it all, and he’s crushing it. For the last 29 years, Tyson has been practising podiatry, and that experience has led him to write a book titled It’s No Secret, There’s Money in Podiatry.

From the success of It’s No Secret, There’s Money in Podiatry, Tyson rewrote the book and applied it to all kinds of small businesses. Now, he owns and has relocated over 20 podiatry businesses, has won business awards for his efforts and has sold a podiatry practice for a nation-wide record amount in the seven figures.

Now, Tyson is sharing his experiences and knowledge about business and podiatry through his podcasts titled It’s No Secret With Dr. T and Podiatry Legends. Tyson keeps a busy schedule but manages to remain grounded and full of energy for business.

Are You Cut Out for Business?

You don’t need to study business in university to be a great business person. Tyson studied podiatry at university but in his final year, he was the first person to achieve 100% on a business plan.

“I was told – you’re in the wrong field. You need to be in business, not podiatry,” Tyson says.

This is where Tyson’s love affair with business began. After graduating university he began to look for podiatry jobs. With no success, he decided to open his own podiatry business.

Tyson borrowed $15,000 AUD from the bank, kept his day job killing chickens and opened up his first practice. Not the most common story, but Tyson made it work.

If you want to read more on Tyson’s business venture check out his book It’s No Secret, There’s Money in Podiatry where he draws on a lot of his own experience and how he approached taking a leap of faith on business.

Custom Made Diary – That Can Help You!

With a busy schedule, you need to be able to keep track of your day-to-day responsibilities. Tyson found that he needed a customised diary to allow him to focus on the core components of his business every week.

His strategy contained 6 pillars of marketing (Available in  It’s No Secret, There’s Money in Podiatry)

  • Internal
  • External
  • Professional
  • Non-Professional
  • Online Marketing
  • Verbal Marketing

Tyson’s goal was to pick two pillars every week and focus on them. Since creating the system he’s had to revise his methods. Online marketing needs to be worked on consistently, and therefore Tyson has developed a weekly schedule to remind him to do something in the two columns. One of which is always online marketing.

Tyson is constantly working to develop his business, and learning how to ensure it stays relevant moving forward. Online marketing, for example, is a space every business should be tapping into. When you become too complacent with the state of your business, you’re giving competitors the opportunity to surpass you.

Stay hungry, and stay focused on your purpose. Your business needs to grow in order to keep up with the times.

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