Matt J Hanham - The Essential Guide to Your Financial Future

The Essential Guide to Your Financial Future

The Essential Guide to Your Financial Future

Securing your financial future and creating freedom in your life isn’t complicated. When you’re equipped with the right tools and a helping hand you’ll be well on your way. This week on Amplify Your Business with Matt J Hanham Aureaus Financial founder Jackson Millan shares his journey in financial services.

Who is Jackson Millan

Jackson Millan is a wealth coach and business owner extraordinaire. With a number of wealth businesses under his belt, Jackson is in the business of empowering people to create financial freedom in their lives.

His value proposition is to help clients clearly define what’s important in their lifestyle financially. Once this is defined he can implement the right strategies to achieve certainty and peace of mind over their financial situation.

Jackson describes himself as a “financial tour guide”. Most people go through life not having an ultimate destination. Jackson argues that if you don’t know the destination then how do you know what vehicle you need, or how much fuel you’ll need in the tank? He applies this methodology and mindset thinking to wealth management. Jackson aims to help clients paint their own path and equip them to know how to navigate it.

Creating Your Own Path

Defining and creating your own path can be a difficult change to grasp. There is always a catalyst for change before you go at it alone. Whether you hate your job, or you know you’ve got a higher purpose to achieve.

Jackson’s father always taught him to give his employer 2 years of his time. As long as you’re learning something and getting value from the experience. In exchange for those 2 years you have the experience and credibility to move onto the next role.

Whilst Jackson was employed he used the time to observe. He began to notice the holes in the system. People were often given poor advice dictated by the ego of the financial advisor, and what they think rather than what the client needed. This observation ultimately lead Jackson to the position where he wanted to start his own business.

The Challenge in Being Different

In a big business structure, there is always bureaucracy of big business that you need to navigate. From different egos, office politics and internal competition – meaningful work is often an afterthought.

Jackson had worked in a big business corporate before beginning his own business venture. From the experience, he learnt the systems of other businesses and leveraged this information to achieve objective outcomes in his own business. Luckily for Jackson, he was surrounded by a lot of forward-thinking people who were pushing to achieve the best wealth solutions in the game.

Through this process, Jackson was able to craft his own process. He developed better advice and systems that propelled him to the forefront of the industry.

Growing a Business through Marketing

All businesses need some level of marketing to scale the business. Better businesses focus on marketing strategies, whilst bad businesses keep their heads in the sand. Business at its core is a service you provide to customers. To grow a business you need to attract people to it.

Jackson has always had a healthy approach to marketing. He was fortunate enough to have existing mortgage business relationships. This allowed Jackson to have meaningful conversations with potential clients and establish relationships early on.

The biggest difference in his marketing approach is the way in which he communicates with existing clients. Most advisors only touch base every year or so. Whereas Jackson makes sure to touch base every month. Jackson has a tracking and accountability based system. The result of this system is that he’s always top of mind for clients and consequently the clients are always talking about his service to others.

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